Today, one of my friend asked me a question and I don't know what to answer him? He asked, There is 2 Railway Tracks out of which, One railway track is abandoned track and notice board is also placed and there is other railway track which is Live and where all the trains run. There are 10 children who went to play on railway track - after reading notice board - "Girl told everyone not to play on Live Track but to play on Abandoned track" Ignoring girl's message, 9 children started playing on Live railway track. Girl was playing on Abandoned railway track. Now, Speeding train is approaching them, now It's time for **Train Driver** to decide which track to choose? If train driver chooses Live track, he will kill 9 children, but If he chooses abandoned track, he will kill a girl who was right and might also mean, it is sometimes right to be wrong. Which Track would you choose as a driver, if you had an opportunity to choose track?

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If you as train driver has an opportunity to choose track, then you must stick with the track that is Live, You as a driver have responsibility of 1000 people travelling with you on Train. Safety of your passenger is the first responsibility of yours as train driver. You cannot take risk of using abandoned track which may be damaged or closed or not suitable for use.
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