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I am really surprised, why Muslim in India do not want to remove **Triple Talaq**. Why Muslim clerics want to use rules that destroys women's lives with just 1 word spoken 3 time - **Talaq Talaq Talaq**. Isn't this dangerous? I mean, a woman is married to a man and all of a sudden the man is not happy with her and he says, **talaq talaq talaq** and now she is no more his wife. Above than that, a Muslim man can marry more than one woman at a time. Now, here is a situation - Muslim man marries a woman and after a month, he wants to get married to another woman. Now the first woman can't protest or ask for her justice, because, if she does so, the first man will just speak or shout **talaq talaq talaq** and she is no more married to him. The whole situation seems not so canny. Can any Muslim brother give a valid reason to keep or support **triple talaq**? or Why it's even there?

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Only muslim friend can answer this well. Also, I believe you can not ignore the fact, these are not exploited too much either as much it is exploited by evil women in culture apart from muslim, like "fake rape case", "fake dowry case", etc., I am not supporting triple talaq at all. I am too against it. But my point is exploitation of law is everywhere. Rest, let's see opinion from muslim friends.
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