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People learns from failure and with growing age the realisation of failure and how it could have been better is auto learned. Even though those learnings are without proven fact, it merely matters to one, when you are elder in India. Now, **when the children commits similar mistake or they put themselves on certain risk or failure** - most of the parents in the world could automatically become what you called "psychopath" - It's parental nature and can be seen not only in human but also in animals. So, **the first thing first one should always do is never use such words called "psychopath"**, until you wear the same shoe of parents behavior. Parenting is one of the toughest job in world until unless you do not care much about your kids mistake, their risk and failure. Now, to break their so called `psycho barrier` - I would recommend to prove them wrong on their decisions that's creating hurdle to your path. If you think, you or your parents need help - consult with couple of more seniors or elders of your family on get together with polite and joyful attitude.
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By psychopath , i think you mean Control Freak . I tjink you need to look around and observe more. To young childrenall around the world , all the parents who dont give them what they need , be it in a shopping mall or allowingvto party late nights , will fall in category of Control Freaks. My family also has such people. If you try to realise the phenomenon below this behaviour, you will observe 3 things : 1) Insecurity in parents mind about CHILD 2) Lack of Communication between parent and children where children can prove that they are capable to handle the situation 3) Inability of child to predict the Worst Possible Scenario and 4) Tendency of parents to read or hear bad news and start to visualise that it can happen to their child as well . Its a global phenomenon, and not related to INDIA or Indian Middle class . And you will grow up into one such parent when u become a parent . The key to solve it is , Patience , responsibility and Peaceful conversation to present your point of view
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