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The more mature one becomes with age or experience , the more silent he becomes , because that person realising that Speaking to everyone or REACTING is a waste of Mind Energy. This is first part . The second part is , Genius live i their own world . In their younger days or childhood , a genius would discover that the rest of people around him , dont understand him or her . And slowly they will either start feeling boycotted or Aloof. The overall mediocrity of the people tends to dilute the mindsets of geniuses. So, for them to grow in their personal spheres , its better than they stay alone , till they find people of their own IQ or EQ or Calibre
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360 Happiness Lab has mentioned amazing points. See, Intelligent people prefers to have meaningful and trustworthy friends who they feel comfortable to welcome into their space and share details of their life with. They spend so much quiet time on their own, taking the time to navigate and contemplate situations, problems, and to really tap into who they are and what they want. They have a strong sense of self and a confidence that radiates from within. **Intelligent people Understand The Value of Time. Yours and Theirs. They have a deep sense of making sure not to waste your time or to spend time with people who are wasting theirs.**
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