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Religion was basically LAW system which slowly got expanded with various norms that many don't want to follow in today's life. Relgion basically got started when people started to build civilized life and society. Society where people follow some rules so that no one hurts each other or bring disturbance in society. Religion was started to bring order and civilization for human being. We in Modern world have now "Court System", "Police", "Judges" and proper channel for order and rules to follow. It was not same when Human race started. We had no such thing. So, Religion was created by people based on their **region** who had their own rules, norms, custom & traditions to follow among each other. This had huge improtance then, as it created harmony among people, united them for a single cause and they progressed together for future. But "Relgion" today is considered or assumed completely different thing and is wildly exploited by bad people. I hope this short answers deliver important message, yet, our team will create video with detail soon! Thanks
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