How do you validate and work on your MVP or IDEA?

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Validating your IDEA and growth strategy are two different thing, you can not mix them up in one. Validation of IDEA can be done mostly by directly engaging to clients or customer for whom the product is built for! Growth Strategy can be done through various promotional and marketing ways! Many entrepreneur easily mix them and that is why we see many failures. To Validate your IDEA, first you need to understand your target audience:- - Who they are? - What are they looking for? - What are the current available resources to them? - How different you are or you plan to be with your product? - Comparing your product with Existing Product or resources! That's how you start. Once all above To-do is completed, you can now move to communicate with your target audience directly or indirectly and ask their feedback and review on what they think, will this help, give out some FREE test, take their after use review and analyse it. Whereas, Growth Strategy is stuff, you plan once you have - validated your IDEA, - you know your target audience and - you know your product benefits to target audience. This is period, where now you present your Product to its best and understandable for your Clients and Customer. If require, add some existing testimonial, review on homepage to build trust. Here is an extensive list, where you can promote your startup - Best place to advertise your product for further growth are: 1. Facebook Page 2. Instagram 3. Hacker News 4. Google Ads 5. Twitter 6. Facebook Groups Hope this helps, feel free to leave your comment below, if you need additional information!
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