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Why is Maha Gathbandha govt. Bad for India and Indians?
How to get over Negative people and their negative influence over me? How to smash negativity?
What is religion? How it got started and Why it was Started?
Which is the best Blogging platform to start Blog and Blogging Career?
Is Astrology, Kundli, Horoscope and other Science related to it are Trustable? or Is it just a waste of time an money?
Why Narendra Modi Development is not Visible? Why his all Schemes and Actions are big failure?
Rahul Gandhi vs Narendra Modi - the most dangerous prime minister of India, Why and Whom to vote in 2019?
What are the best growth Strategy or idea validation method for the Startup or MVP?
How do people recover from natural disaster Depression? Accident that no one has control of.
Is Being Nationalist - Good thing or Bad thing?
Would you save 1 girl or 9 Children? The riddle of my life!
Is it the pain or depression or fear which People feel, they can't escape is the main reason for Suicide?
One of My friend likes every post I make, and it makes me feel awkward & very uncomfortable - What should I do?
Should men be more masculine or less masculine? - Rape, Murder, War - all have "Men" in Common! What do you think?
How Left (Left wing or Leftist) is different from Right wing and Liberal on their view & principle?
Why it is bad to be Smart? and why being smart is called sometime "OverSmart"?
What do I do to be less sensitive when people insult me?
Is it normal to get irritated when your parents say no to something?
How do you deal with people laughing at you?
What are signs to identify Intelligent people? How can you identify Intelligent people based on his/her personality?
Why highly intelligent people prefer to be alone ? Do you have any such people around?
Will India see lots of SCAM, Corruption & Law destruction when we vote for Indian Congress & Other corrupted party?
Why most of the middle class Indian Father is psychopath? What a child can do to break their psycho barrier?
How can I overcome my extreme shyness and social anxiety?
I need help. im depressed because i think that life has no meaning?
Do shy people hate making eye contact? Are you shy person? can you do eye contact continuously while speaking to someone?
Does nostalgia make you sad? does it bring depression to you?
Does revenge make anger go away?
Can an electric car charge its own battery by using the momentum of the wheels?
Why Intelligent people consider themself dumb and dump people do not consider themself dumb?
Do you think lack of funding is a major reason for failure of a startup?
Does Computer programming improve other abilities than problem solving?
What are the main reason of Tech Startup Failure?
How can I make money in my locality, business idea
I am extremely unstable mentally. I am depressed from my study pressure & family environment. I need help!
I am in final year of engineering.I want to build startup but all idea I think is already started by other, how to think of FRESH Idea?
I have cake, sweet and bakery OFFLINE shop in Hyderabad but my competitor is winning against me with his facebook page, what to do?
How to deal with irritated Parents? He is always frustrated with me and Mom never agrees to my point!
How to start Blogging career? Are Bloggers making millions of money? How easy is it to start?
How to handle pressure of college admission from parents? I have got no admission in any college, so far! I am in pressure!
how can i convert JPEG , EXCEL , WORD into PDF
I need help in convincing my Parents, they do not understand my choice of career! How do i deal? I need HELP
What are The Best and Free Social Bookmarking Sites
[Provlem Hunter] Is it possible to change careers at age 40? at age 50? or even at age 60?
Motivation is CRAP - Solution is driver for your success! - Do you agree?
looking for a help in a love life
How safe is Uber? Passenger was abused, attacked and molested by co-passenger. Uber denied any help.
Maharashtra plastic ban is painful - What are alternatives? Why it is Important?
How can I convince people with my thoughts and Ideas?
Is this what - Social Media turn us into?
Whether should I learn to live or live to learn? I am frustrated with lots of failure.
How to choose right career and balance my career choice between skill and my will?
I am looking for best Web Developer Freelancer for my startup - Where can I find the best one?
Is Donald Trump the most stupid President in World and USA has ever elected?
Has Virat Kohli ruined Indian Cricket Team ? MS Dhoni is far better captain than him - What are your opinion?
How can we make PM Narendra modi to win 2019 election again with Full Majority?
Can artificial intelligence really take away our Jobs?
As per NITI Aayog - Bengaluru water supply will dry out in just 2 years - What should Bangalorean do?
What is Depression? and how to overcome it?
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