Rahul Gandhi vs Narendra Modi - Who is one of the most dangerous prime minister of India, Why and Whom to vote in 2019 election? [Help me Please]

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Votings are personal choices! Before deciding who to vote, you should always do following things - - Analyse who are opponent. - Analyse who is better in doing their Job. - Analyse who is better in controlling their Office and ministers. - Now, analyse who has vision and better manifesto. - Analyse their past records. Decide! Whom to Vote. Analysing past records is very important and can be very misleading too. While analysing past records, people very easily get biased to opponent records as it's said, Older the story, lesser the impact. So, if there is any opponent who had bad records in past and time has passed away, people will slowly start taking them lightly until faced again! So, Be Careful and Take wise Decisions.
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