Today, One person was sharing his sad story on other community networks, where he mentioned, he wants to switch his career. He is 46 years old now and he will be turning 47 in a few months. He currently lives at place, which is far from his children due to job. He doesn't like the company, he is working right now. In fact, he doesn't even care about the current job, but it pays him enough to survive and feed his family. The only thing, he loved about current company is, he met his "now wife" in same company. He loves her a lot, but the company has transferred his wife at different place and children has gone too with their mom. Now, at age 46, he is trying to switch his career as there is no related job in this new city, where he wish to go and live with his family & children again. In qualification, he had done B.A. in Theology. Just to switch his career or find job to a new city, he is even planning to do M.B.A or other Master's programs. Business is his least amount of interest group. But, he wants to do anything that can get him to job in a new city. He was asking for suggestion, on what should he do? He was feeling, **age** has taken him up and now, it's not possible for him to switch. He felt. he was not even ready to compete, survive and find new career in a new city. While reading to his story, I found, this could be very painful problem to many worker in world. He could not be the first one facing such issue. So, I thought to put this upto community and ask, What would you do? If you are at age 40/50/60 and stuck with similar situation?

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Age is just a number, Come check India, we have prime minister of Age 67 and still stand as strong as a horse. I am not sure what is the cost of living, but if other partner works, One can start with any job initially, considering you don't have put much burden on your other half and can adjust for a while and slowly look after other income generating option. 46 is not too OLD, One can perfectly switch career to IT, digital marketing, Blogger or any other comfortable zone for a new career. World has so much of option to make money nowadays, if one is good at any thing, get viral on Internet and keep rising your virality with constant different events. For better example, only further chat could give enough IDEA and with respect to which, better option can be suggested.
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