Whenever some one says, "**motivation**" is way to **success**, I would like to remind every one, it is not. Motivation is CRAP and the real driver for success is and will always be "**Solution**" ! In fact, many successful people think, **motivation is not even part of their equation for success**. If you **see members**, who are seeing **explosive growth and uptrend in their success**, they are not relying on motivation or waiting for someone to come and inject them motivational insulin - No!. It's a **solution** to a **provlem** (**problem**), that **successful people** are working on to find and put on the market and the world. **Motivation** can let you do things, that you don't want to, but thinking, it will lead to success is not true. **Motivation** is a **crap TRAP** to hold your mind and focus on one thing and not loose to any other thing. To achieve success, you need to have to do things and to do things, you need "solution". Solution that is right for the best of all. **Motivation is garbage**, the way our mind works is to stop you from doing things, that hurt you and motivation can overtake those sense of power from your brain and drive you to do things, that can hury you easily and blind you on path that may or may not be successful. Finding the real solution to the provlem (problem) even without being motivation is they hack you need. We all have a habbit of hesitating and because we hesitate, we move away from things. Brain is good at magnifying thing that it feels is risky or can hurt the body and you will automatically move away from those thing. It's inside every one. Everything your brain stops at you and plays magnifying tricks to declare about risky people,place,animal,thing or situation, you seek motivation to overrule brain magnifying action. Taking control of your moment, finding solution and taking those decisions is the practical nature of living life. So, stop screwing yourself over and over again. **Find solution, take decision and drive towards success.**

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