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There is a Plastic ban in Maharashtra and BMC has already collected Rs. 10.5 lakh in fine in four days. Burger King, McDonald's and Starbucks are among dozens of companies fined for violating a new ban on single-use plastics in India's commercial capital Mumbai. We know already that plastic is not biodegradable.Most of it will, over time, degrade into small particles known as microplastics. Not only are microplastics potentially carcinogenic on their own, but they also attract harmful pollutants. And they stick around forever. Because plastic doesn’t decompose quickly, when it becomes waste it tends to either end up in landfills or washes into the ocean. The Maharashtra government in March this year, issued a notification prohibiting usage of all sinle-use plastic bags, besides also banning the manufacturing and sale of such plastic bags. **People are panicking about it.** So, I thought to share some of the information on **What products are banned?** All plastic bags, disposable plastic cutlery, disposable thermocol items, plastic wrap used for packaging and storage, non-woven polypropyleme bags, plastic pouches for storing liquid, plastic packaging for food items, plastic and thermocol decoration are Banned. **What can be used?** Small PET bottles can be used, packaging materials for medicines, solid waste, and agriculture sector, bags used to plant nurseries, food grade virgin plastic bags over 50 microns, milk pouches over 50 microns, wrapping at manufacturing stage is allowed and can be used. **What's the penalty if found using banned plastic products?** The penalty for violating the ban starts from ₹5,000 for first-time offence, ₹10,000 for second time and for third time ₹25,000 fine with three months jail term. If one fails to pay the penalty, the civic body can file a prosecution complaint before the court. The court then will decide the amount to be paid. **What has this led to in few days of ban?** 1. It has caused a 50 per cent drop in business due to lack of packaging alternatives 2. People using paper bag for other products are not able to carry goods or products like "meat", "vegetables" - securely. 3. Retailers have threatened to start strike and few agitation was already seen in few places, while BMC officials were collecting fine. **What is Alternatives?** 1. Some of the stores like "Reliance store" already using paper bag and disposable cloth bag. The stores and local vendor must adopt to these alternatives as soon as possible. 2. Customers should also carry cloth bag with themself to safely carry their goods packed in paper bag provided by stores. 3. People must support this intiative, as this is the need of hour. **How this should have been implemented (Personal Opinion)** 1. Using the power of social media tools and encouraging customer to use non-pastic bags. 2. Setting up an alternative of disposable cloth bags and replacing it with plastic bags. 3. Asking College students to set up awareness camp around city on weekdays with full agression on putting awareness on people's mind. 4. Asking advertising agency to set up awareness among bad usage of plastic uses. and more... Here are couple of video that can illustrate why Plastic ban is need and should be done in PAN India and not only in Masarashtra **Why is it so so Important to ban Plastic** 1. Plastic Pollution, Our Oceans, Our Future... - 2. Plastic pollution awareness - 3. Solution for plastic ban by Sadhguru - 4. Report: How plastic in the Ocean impacts your health - 5. Plastic pollution in the Ocean - 6. **See How It Feels to Be an Ocean Animal Stuck in a Plastic Bag National Geographic** - **Last one by National geographic is personally my favorite, Share your thoughts.** ![]( Plastic ban should be done not only in any particular states, but across Pan India and Other country should also follow same path. There is another scary video that shows, Plastics are coming inside our body via Salt extracted from ocean - Watch here - This is extremely scary. It should be banned across all places in World.
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