A recent release of new song called - Token is so impactful and describes what social media can turn us into. Video Song - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ftr9vJ1h4SA My parents consider social media as powerful tool and pushes me into so much to atleast rise there, if not in school. I have read on internet, that **social media has benefits** like - 1. I feel, **My teachers are connecting with me**, as I can ask them anything 24x7 even though, if I don't get reply instantly, but still feels comfortable, rather than waiting to ask for another day in school 2. we are also **connected with class mates** and ask, share and play online games like biliard, chess. 3. There are couple of my **senior who also makes money as influencer**, just because they have high number of followers in their instagram. These sounds cool, but video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ftr9vJ1h4SA , it describes the other side of story. **How much is this true?**

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There is always bad and good reserved in every section of life, things, event. All you need to have is positive and great well focused mind. Social media is obviously powerful and you can do lot of crazy and good things for the people from here.
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