My parents are not really convinced my choice of career! They forced me to do science in my Higher school study, yet I had no interest in it. I am good at playing guitar and want to pursue my career in similar field. What should I do? and How should I convince him. Experts only please.

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It's simple, prove your ability in guitar and show them, your future plans. What is the prospect in guitar career, what will you become down the line 2-5 year. How much will you earn and how much better it is from your parent's current choice. Generally people commit mistake or choose wrong path due to their current favorite thing. People do not analyse long term future. If you are really good at guitar, start your youtube channel, start with some cover song video and anything that you produce, get some traction and show it to your career. Act is stronger than word, if you can prove them. They will easily agree. Get on the job! dude
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