im 15 years old. i ask myself questions such as, what will i be when i grow up? and what is the meaning of life? when i come to think of it, life pointless. This is how I view life: * you're born * you goto school * you make friends * goto university/college and lose friends * get a gf * lose your gf * get a job and feel great * get bored of the job * get a wife * have kids * parents die * children go through the same **** * you die/wife dies * the end I think that life is worthless. no matter how successful you get/are, no matter how many great things you achieve, at the end of the day, you lose it all.

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be spirtual watch videos of great gurus on life you will find real meaning of life ..
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1) You are not alone . Millions of young people go through such stage all over the word 2) Talk to people . Your parents , your siblings , your teachers. When you discover people around you , you will find someone who can listen more and answer you . 3) GET A HOBBY . one in SPORTS and one in music or Art. This will help you get away from endless talks in mind . Basically depression is nothing but THINKING same thing AGAIN and AGAIN 5) Set yourself goals to achieve . That will give you confidence and strong spirit. AND that will give you everything 6) Learn to meditate . and read BHAGWAD GEETA . Einstein to STEVE JOBS to Abdul KALAM all have read it and found peace . Its not a book of some God, in my opinion , its a book of Spiritual life
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