I am extremely tired of negative people around me. How to get rid with them. How to get rid over negative influence they are creating for me!

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**Forgive them and step aside so that negative energy can flow back into the universe.** You avoid them at all cost! However, if they are significant others whom you have to deal with routinely, you need to develop coping mechanisms to limit their presence and influence. People only have influence over us when we are weak, fearful, seeking approval, and think worse of ourselves when compared to them. They can see that you are affected by what they say and do, and probably enjoy the power over you, so they do it even more because, unwittingly, you are allowing them to do so by your weak approach. You have to start from within yourself to limit their action by building your self-esteem and confidence to resist their effect on you. The hallmarks of negative people are the following: * Low confidence and self esteem which they boost by putting others down, or rubbishing their actions and ideas. * A failure to see anyone else’s positive vision, only their own negative ones. * A belief that anything that THEY cannot do will always fail for others, too. * A belief that they know best which justifies them imposing their negative attitude and ideas on others. Negative people get their power from by demotivating, or bullying, others who seek their company or approval. So you have it in your power to stop their actions by learning to value and appreciate yourself. You won’t be at the mercy of what they think. You should also seek other likeminded people to affirm and reinforce what you believe and aspire to. Learn to be Assertive. Don’t just take what others dish out. Learn to express your feelings, opinions, beliefs and needs directly, openly and honestly, while being sensitive to the rights and feelings of others. Know what you want and ask for it. That's the only way you will stand up to their negativity. Believe in yourself, and stick to your principles and beliefs, unless you see the benefit of changing. As long as you remember that you have the right to express your feelings, and others have the right to accept or reject them, you should not put up with the negativity of others. Saying 'No' to unreasonable requests is also a very good start to building your confidence. Often childhood conditioning prevents us from actually refusing what others want, regardless of its effect on us. Additionally, talking about your fears or any misunderstanding with others builds more confidence than living in an unspoken, isolated and accusatory fashion. Above all, avoid them as much as possible while you build your confidence through acknowledging BOTH your strengths and weaknesses, accepting yourself as you are, and being proud of you. Seek out more positive friendships to share your ideas with, and ditch the ones who mean you no good whatever.
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