How does successful people choose right career and go forward with it? I am stuck in my career choice between one that I am good at and the one, I want to be. I am good at maths and accounts, But I don't want to be Chartered Accountant or Commerce graduate student. I want to be model and work in Fashion and People industry of life style and glamour. **What should I choose and How should I perceive my career for better success?**

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Hello User, You are not alone and first in this world to have such confusion. There are lots of people who faces such dilemma. Some of the fact you must know are, 1. Doing Things in which you are good at will be easier for you to complete and success. 2. Doing things in which you want to but are not skilled enough could bring some extra struggle and require more efforts to complete and succeed. Now coming to your point, you mentioned, you are good at "Maths and Accounts", but you don't want to be CA or commerce graduate. You want to be model and work in lifestyle and glamorous life, so before jumping in to any one. Here are steps you need to follow - **Re-Evaluate your self on both the choice** - "Do you have better look than the marks you can obtain in your maths and accounts?" **No long period future forecasting** - In fact, evaluate Where do you see your self after 1 month, 2 month, 6 month, 1 year, 1 and half year, 2 year and so on and **NOT** in 5 year or 10 year. **How competitive is your choice in terms of Environment and Friends and Family Support** - Check yourself, if you have any friends or family who are in given field and ask their opinion :- * how are they doing it, * how have they achieved it, * through what process and state of mind, they had to go during period of time **Finally, plan it and discuss it with your parents or elders who respect your both opinion** - After planning, get it evaluated with your parents or some one you are comfortable with. Not all planned materials are success, getting evaluated is always good Idea before implementing it. This was my some of the efforts to clear your confusion, if you need to chat personally, send me message via my profile and let's chat. Wish you a great success
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There is a funny parody on Chartered Accountant Career switch - I will just like to point you to what Ravindra Sharma mentioned on first post. Re-Evaluate your choice based on skills you have. There could be a chance that your will skill has more talent than your parently forced skills.
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