**June Paul** (Ushnota Paul) was **abused**, **molested** and **physically attacked by co-passenger** while "**uber-car-pooling**". Yet Uber has refused to take action against co-passenger nor has shared any information to police, even after putting up FIR complaint by a girl. Here is her story to Uber, > Hi Uber, I had the worst experience today morning. Was Uber pooling with a woman who was hostile from the very start. She started yelling at the driver saying she’s paying the “most” & still she’s getting dropped last. When I tried to intervene I was verbally abused. Reasoning with her was futile. She called me all sorts of names & tried to provoke me to react when I went completely quiet. I was reading something on my mobile & refused to give a reaction even though she went on her abusive rant calling me the worst abuses that I’m too ashamed to mention here. Then she banged the hand rest on my bag kept b/w us & on my hand. And asked me to remove my “dirty things” from her. I still didn’t react. Picked the bag and put it beside the driver’s seat. I guess that must have pushed her to the edge. It was almost near Urmi Estate in Lower Parel (where her drop was) when she went completely racist and called me a “chinky” & a “chinky s..t”. I told her it’s racist to which she said “haan toh? Kya Kar legi”. I tried to click her picture and she immediately snatched it away from me and threatened to break it. I know she would've so I didn't try clicking anymore. Before she got down from the cab, she physically attacked me.. grabbed me by my hair, tore off clumps of hair, scratched my face. I tried to defend myself with both hands trying to protect my face & I got huge scratches there too. I started crying & she hopped off the cab & went inside Urmi estate. A crowd gathered. The guard of Urmi estate came to my rescue & asked me to file a police complaint immediately. I was too shocked & was crying hysterically so it didn’t even occur to me that this woman has ran away inside her office building. Went to LP police station & filed an official FIR. Mumbai Police was very supportive. They calmed me down, wrote down my complaint & sent few officers to Urmi Estate to track the woman down. The driver was with me throughout & gave his statement because it was for him that I had intervened in the first place. Uber refused to give the woman’s details stating “customer privacy”. The police officer called them in front of me and said there’s a formal complaint against this woman & yet Uber didn’t help. If she’s your customer, so am I. I have been physically & verbally assaulted in broad daylight by a complete stranger. The whole back seat of Uber is full of clumps of my hair, I have injury on my face & hands & I'm definitely psychologically scarred. I take Uber twice every day & yet I know now that I am not safe. Uber won’t do anything when it comes to my safety. If they don't respect what the Mumbai Police are saying to them, I am a mere civilian and definitely I am not safe. Mumbai police said a lot of women do not file official complaints even though they face harassment, but I am not going to back down. This wasn't my fault. We, as women, should defend ourselves and stand up for what is right. I have a copy of the original FIR and I will not back down. Think twice before taking Uber. I am shaken and terrified with the whole experience right now. I. AM. DONE. ‬ > > PS: I have tweeted this out too and I have tagged Uber Support and Mumbai Police - **https://twitter.com/journojuno/status/1011165295342473217** Here are some of the images, she has shared ![](https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DghhJ3uVMAEbQQH.jpg) ![](https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DghhJ3xU0AA9V3x.jpg) ![](https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DghhJ3vUEAYLsQe.jpg) ![](https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DghhJ3uVMAEbQQH.jpg) ![](https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DghjvmCW4AASFiL.jpg) ![](https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DghjvmBWkAAnG45.jpg) ![](https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DghjvmBX0AA4jZn.jpg) She furthers adds up and says "**I can never trust any other co-passenger, stranger, and travel with that person again**. The incident happened near Lower Parel in Mumbai.

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I think action has been taken now by Uber after her story went viral on social media. 1. Uber has banned the women. 2. They have also shared women information to Authorities for other legal action. There is a news about it too in CNN - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gZuYZ76U8r8
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its not only uber... same with the ola too.. recently my father hired a ola cab frm gurugram to gaziabad... he forgot his prada goggles in that cab...goggles were costly thats why we called that driver for that... but he denied... & absued on phone in a very bad language... we call back to ola custumer care but they said they were helpless u go to police... we fired a complain..next day two constable go to that taxi drivers home... they found that the ower is someone else... he gave the address of that driver his name was RAJU... when they got to that address there were 4 RAJU living who r driving car on same name... i think the fault is in ubber or ola app/ customer care department... they have to check there registrations of car/ maintainance/ luggage carrier/ is it owner driving it self or hiring someone else.. monthly... they have to setup there offices every where so that car driver submit their documents. once or thrice in a year. well ur things nt safe how could i as girl supposed to be safe....
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