I personally want to see Mr. Narendra Modi ji to win 2019 election again with Full Majority. I can see the way opponent are pitching against him with all evil actions are worrying me up. What can we all do to see him elected as Prime minister of India again in 2019 election with Full majority?

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For an obvious reason, this is not going to be easy for him. He has advertised so much and it's haunting him back now. The primary mistake he did was so much of self-promotion. People love surprise and if he can't surprise people again, this is going to be tough for him and for all of us. We want to see him again, but few people do not look happy. But, here is what other self reliant supporter can do is - ask people what is alternative? We can not see, Corrupt opponent as our PM and when we have no other alternative, we must vote for him. The only strategy that can work, I guess, but it's definitely sad to see from "talking about his achievements, now we are looking into opponent weakness" Life has again set an example, your all good can be ignored with your 1 bad action. My all vote and wish for him.
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