Can someone get over extreme shyness and social anxiety?

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Breaking shyness and social anxiety is not easy. It needs following thing in same order - 1. Confidence 2. Good Nature ( Cheerful, Happy, **Being Yourself**, etc., are some ingredients ) 3. Polite Speaking 4. Patience Listener It's not easy to break the barrier of shyness & open to the world. If any of above point is missing, it could do some damage to your reputation & bring your confidence down or any other behaviour changes arround / among your network. Importantly, Being Social is also very very critical as it helps you in lot other ways, but that's another topic. Start building personality based on above 4 factors to break any level of extreme shyness and social anxiety. Cheers
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If you are less than 15 years , its a normal thing to happen. Participation in school activities or sports or any group activity will change it, specially when people appreciate u or look forward to your company. As a youngster this shyness can also come from appearance , or inability to speak in public places . DO SPORTS , sports releases hormones in our mind that make us happy and confident . AND , if you are an adult , push yourself into situation that need you to speak. DONT always depend on your parents or colleagues or siblings . Start with ordering a HOME DELIVERY or call to customer care for your phone bills AND finally , shyness in Yoga terms comes from low energy in heart chakra and Manipur chakra (heart and throat centres) TRY DIAPHRAGM breathing (google it) , PRANAYAM (KAPALBHATI specially) and spine stretches . They will give you good control over your emotions and shyness Good LUCK IF you start today , you are already better everyday
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