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I am not good at convincing other people. I have some great thoughts, but I am not able to put them up on words. What are the best way, I can try convince people and put my words in best possible way. I want to be the best orator or good speake in public and forum. What should I practice and What should I do?

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It is said, if you are not good at speaking, it could also mean, you do not have clear thoughts or not well prepared for cross-question. Public speaking is not easy task and one can not accomplish this in a day or two. It needs lots of practice and importantly to be good speaker, you need to be extremely good audience analyser. I would recommend to start 1. "video recording, audio recording your speech" and analyse what things you need to improve your self. 2. Also try to speak infront of mirror to see, how you look, while you are speaking. 3. Be attentive towards audience, read their gestures and analyse their behaviour 4. **Importantly** prepare your speech and context properly with possible cross question and other remarks. Try above and you will see some difference for sure.
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