Is Revenge good or Bad?

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Revenge is the worst thing you can think when you are angry! It will grow everytime, you get angry in future. So, one should always keep asside revenge thoughts. As per bhagvaad gita, Chapter two, verse 62, "**anger comes from unfulfilled desires**" Now, if desire is for **good motive**, getting anger is fine as it will stimulate your hormones for putting more effort on work. But getting patience and working on the stimulated hormones is also as critical as it was to get hormones stimulated. But, if desires is not for **good motive**, i,e, **it has bad motive to harm someone or yourself** 1. think your self weak against those desires, 2. think yourself dumb against those desires, 3. think yourself as child against those desires 4. Lastly, think you don't deserve those desires and let it go. **When one constantly thinks about objects, attachment for those objects is born. From attachment is born desire and from desire is bron anger** When you are anger delusion is born, from delusion comes loss of memory, from loss of memory comes destruction of intellect and once intellect is gone, you become worthless to society.
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