Recently, As per NITI Aayog, they mentioned Bengaluru will be out of drinking water supply in just 2 years - Being living in Bangalore, I don't know, what should we do or what step should we take to not have this crisis. We saw news of shimla city in India, going out of drinking water and people standing in queue to get drinking water at home. Bangalore is huge city, if something like that happened, it will be apocalypse like situation, people will run for blood. What action can we do?, we need suggestion and help to not face this crisis!

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Hello Bangalorean, I highly recommend to start creating awareness among people to start "rain water harvesting" and building mini water recycle system. Government must start some water recycling system too. The problem of water crisis is not only among bangalore or shimla, but it's going to be around whole world. Israel had it and they are now recycling their 90% of waste water. Israel is doing best in this field and they have also offered to share such information to Iran and other nation. The awareness of rain water harvesting and recycling of waste water should be given, shared and applied by all. I hope this message is shared to many people and people start working on this field.
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